THOUSANDS of trees are set to be planted in Knutsford over the next four years as part of the town council’s Nature Action Plan.

The scheme envisages planting trees on public land, introducing wildflower/pollinator planting on areas of public open space and verges, planting bulbs and replacing fences with hedges.

The plan proposes the planting of 6,863 trees towards the council’s ultimate goal of seeing 13,000 trees planted in Knutsford.

The planting would cost £34,360 – £15,600 for specimen trees, £10,760 for whip planting, £5,000 for shrub and flower planting and £3,000 for hedges.

The cost would be spread over four years, and the scheme will be put out to public consultation to provide an opportunity for residents to review the proposals and submit comments.

The consultation will run for six weeks, after which a working group would review submissions and agree on a final plan.

Cllr Elizabeth Beswick said at a recent town council environment committee that the scheme was very costly but would be spread over a number of years.

“The plan at this stage was to put it out there for the public to have a look at it and see what they think,” she said.

“Not everyone will agree with where we’ve put the trees; some people might think they’re excessive in parts, and it’s up to the public now to have a look at it.

“A lot of it will improve the areas by flowers, bulbs, hedges, get rid of some of the eyesore areas and beef up areas where we’re lacking in planting.

“It’s up to people to comment and say what they think of it – is it reasonable, is it too much, is it too little? and then see what comments come back.”

Cllr Peter Coan said he welcomed more planting of shrubs and plants ‘to beautify our town’ and to provide a healthy environment for wildlife, and Cllr Quentin Abel said trees offered great mental health and carbon capture benefits for everyone.

A plan has been put together to identify fences which could be removed and replaced with hedging, areas where trees could be planted, areas where planting schemes (including bulbs, shrubs and other plants) could be introduced and field edges which would benefit from additional tree planting.

Areas identified for fences to be replaced by hedging are Richmond Hill, Manor Crescent, Westfield Drive and Bexton Road/Stanley Road.

Landowners will be contacted to encourage the planting of further trees, specifically those areas determined by the working group forming the main avenues in and out of the town.

Where trees are proposed many factors have been taken into account such as light and obstructions.

This story first appeared in the Knutsford Guardian.

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