KENTON Rogers has been named as the first specialist consultant to join the Nature-Based Solutions Institute (NBSI) based in Barcelona, which offers a wide range of services across Europe.

The Institute, founded in 2020 by Johan Östberg and Cecil Konijnendijk, developed from a strong desire to support the greening of cities with the best available knowledge and practice.

Nature-based solutions, ranging from planting a single tree to the development of green infrastructure for an entire city or urban region, are needed to tackle the grand challenges human society is facing, the Institute said.

NBSI strives to be an internationally recognised institute for research, development, training and policy advice within the field of urban forestry.

The aim of the Institute is to draw upon a global network of experts in the fields of nature-based solutions, urban forestry, and green infrastructure.

Keith Sacre, director at Barcham Trees and co-founder of Treeconomics, has also been named as a specialist consultant.

Cecil Konijnendijk commented: “We are delighted to add Kenton Rogers and Keith Sacre to our consultant team at the Nature Based Solutions Institute. Kenton represents vast experience with urban forest assessment and the economic aspects of urban forestry.

“Keith is an international authority on the nursery aspects of urban forestry, as well as managing young trees. By having them both on the team, we will be able to serve a wider range of customers and partners.”

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