WELL, it may have the Suzuki name on it, but this is not really a Suzuki vehicle, being a re-badged and slightly re-styled Toyota RAV4.

Two years ago, Suzuki set up a collaborative agreement with Toyata (which gains from Suzuki’s dominance in India) which saw it add two new models to its line-up from Toyota, the other being the Carolla, re-badged the Swace.

The Across is a one-model range at £45,599, around £2,000 less than the RAV4. It is an interesting vehicle in itself. It is a plug-in hybrid petrol vehicle (PHEV) with 4WD. It has a 185-bhp 2.5-litre four-cylinder petrol engine and a 134-kw electric motor, all of which combine to produce 306 bhp and propel the vehicle from 0–60mph in a fast six seconds.

It certainly feels fast when you drive it.

Forestry Journal:

The front wheels' electric motor is powered by a 18-kWh lithium battery battery mounted under the floor. This provides a claimed electric range of 46 miles, but I did not get a chance to verify this.

The plug-in hybrid system is equipped with four modes which are: Default EV mode, Auto EV/HV mode, HV mode, and battery charger mode, which the driver can select depending on the road conditions and battery status. In EV mode the vehicle is driven entirely by the power of the electric motor even under full acceleration. When in auto EV/HV mode and HV mode, the engine contributes to power delivery when required. To store electricity for EV mode when the charge is low, the battery charger mode runs the engine to fully re-charge the battery. 

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The E-Four electronic 4x4 system features an independent 40-kw rear motor that works in conjunction with the front motor to provide front/rear torque ranging from 100 per cent front to 20 per cent front and 80 per cent rear.

The car also features a Trail Mode, which is an automatic limited-slip differential control feature that ensures the best possible grip and control on slippery surfaces. The system works by applying the brakes to the wheels that begin to lose grip and redirects torque to wheels that maintain grip. The feature also adjusts the throttle and transmission shift to keep the vehicle moving. The Across has a CVT automatic gearbox.

Forestry Journal:

The vehicle drives very well. It is fast smooth and quiet. The boot is large, being 490 litres extending to 1,168 with the rear seats folded. The fuel tank holds 55 litres and the combined fuel consumption is 43 mpg. It has 190 mm ground clearance and can tow a 1,500 kg braked trailer while itself weighing 1,940 kg. Its company car BIK 2020/21 tax band is six per cent.

It is 4,635 mm long, 1,855 mm wide and 1,690 mm high. So it is not your small vehicle usually associated with Suzuki. Then again, it is not made by Suzuki.

In any case, it is a good-looking modern vehicle and feels very well made. It certainly has a complex make up and drives very well.