Our man gets behind the wheel of the latest Q5 from Audi.

THE Audi Q5 has been around for a while now and the MK2 version was launched five years ago. Last year, Audi introduced this version, with a more steeply-sloping rear roof known as the Sportback. The particular model reviewed here is the 45 TFSI Quattro. It has a petrol four-cylinder engine as found in many Volkswagen Group cars and provides 265 bhp and 370 Nm torque, matched with four-wheel drive and an automatic seven-speed tiptronic gearbox.

It drives very well, is quiet and nips along nicely. At 2000 rpm it is doing nearly 80 mph.

The official acceleration time is 6.1 seconds to 60 mph, but it never felt that fast to me.

Forestry Journal: The Q5 Coupe has a steeper sloping rear roof and smaller boot.The Q5 Coupe has a steeper sloping rear roof and smaller boot. (Image: FJ)

Unlike a torquey diesel – where the power comes in at lower revs – you have to adjust to petrol engine characteristics that need more revs when speedy acceleration is required.
Wheels are 235/60 R19 with brake discs of 338 mm front and 330 mm rear. The handling is very good and the ground clearance seems reasonable for a tough-road car. The car feels well built and sturdy. It weighs 1,755 kg and can tow a braked trailer up to 2,400 kg. The fuel tank holds 70 litres, which gives a real-world range of 475 miles. The cooling system holds 8.8 litres and the engine oil is 5.2 litres. 

In terms of servicing, intervals are high at 19,000 miles or two years, whichever comes first. However, vehicle warranty is only 60,000 miles or three years.

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The boot is not bad at 510 litres and expands to 1,480 litres with the rear seats folded down, which is a bit smaller than the normal Q5. It is 4,689 mm long, 1,893 mm wide and 1,609 mm tall.

Forestry Journal:  Standard Audi dashboard. Standard Audi dashboard. (Image: FJ)

The exterior design works well in this silver colour, with black inlays rather than chrome of other models. The interior is fairly standard Audi fare and also works well. The door handles are just where you need them to be – nice and handy to locate.

Standard equipment includes auto-dimming rear-view mirror, electrically opening and closing boot, headlight washer system and LED headlights, which work very well, and it also boasts the usual sat nav and heated leather seats.

Running costs will be high as fuel economy hovers around 32 mpg, whereas the diesel version would get 42 mpg. It does seem strange that while we need to reduce CO2 emissions there is a return to less economical petrol versions. 

Forestry Journal: Rear view – 45 TFSI means two-litre petrol 265 bhp!Rear view – 45 TFSI means two-litre petrol 265 bhp! (Image: FJ)

Certainly, in smaller cars, petrol engines have got a lot more economical and the eventual push over to electric will help much more. However, electric cars are about 50 per cent more expensive. This petrol Audi Q5 costs a whopping £56,705 plus £675 for the paint, £1,395 for audio upgrade and £225 for a storage pack.

I enjoyed my time with this Q5; it just drove well, with plenty of power, and good handling, brakes and steering.