STIHL has launched its first portable 230 V power supply, providing professional users with a quiet, low-maintenance and emission-free alternative to petrol-powered generators. 

Weighing only 19.8 kg and boasting a 3.6 kW power output, the PS 3000 offers a high power-to-weight ratio and is one of the most powerful portable power supply units in its weight class. 

The PS 3000 can be used in a wide variety of applications from corded drills, site lighting, Stihl tools such as power washers and vacuums, as well as recharging Stihl batteries while out in the field. The high 2.1 kWh energy content also ensures long working times for minimal disruption.

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The new portable power supply produces a pure sine wave, meaning it generates the same electrical current produced by the grid, ensuring no difference in performance and that no electrical noise is created. In addition, a boost mode function temporarily increases the power output by up to 250 per cent for tools with high initial starting currents.

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