PORTABLE Winch has launched a new "revolutionary alternative" to rope splicing. 

The RopeWizer promises to change the way you work with ropes, negating the need for splicing or knots. 

For far too long, knots have been the go-to solution for securing ropes, but they often come with a significant drawback. These knots can reduce the rope's capacity by a "staggering 30-50 per cent", limiting their performance and compromising safety during critical operations. 

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The only way to maintain the rope's near-100 per cent capacity is to apply a spliced termination.  

This game-changing tool – the RopeWizer – is designed to make terminating ropes easier, more efficient and cost-effective, all while maintaining the capacity of the rigging line.  

With RopeWizer, the price tag of splicing and unknowns of knots become a thing of the past.  It enables users to effortlessly attach it to the end of their 10 mm or 12 mm rigging lines, offering all the benefits of a conventional splice without the cost associated with this. 

The result is a highly secure and durable termination, ensuring that your rope retains its capacity while enhancing overall performance and safety.

RopeWizer is now available in the UK through all approved Portable Winch stockists, including Fletcher Stewart.