HUSQVARNA and manufacturer Skylotec have unveiled a "revolutionary" battery-powered lift for tree climbers.

The ActSafe ICX was developed in partnership between the two companies and is set to "transform" the way arborists get to work up in the trees.

It uses the Swedish firm's BLi-X battery system to allow arborists to quickly ascend or descend from their work areas, “streamlining” the process. Tools and gear can be sent up to climbers or brought down via a speed of up to 24 metres per minute.

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Dr Kai Rinklake, CEO at Skylotec, said: “Husqvarna has extensive application knowledge and have been working with hand-held machines for over 60 years. We are the technology and market leader in powered hoists. 

"With this cooperation, we enable a very broad target group to efficiently use state-of-the-art access technology in their daily work." 

The power ascender is compatible with different battery sizes from Husqvarna's BLi-X system.

This means that the same batteries can be used as in Husqvarna products. 

The “ActSafe ICX” is suitable for lifting people and loads with a permissible payload of 185 kilograms.

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A statement from Husqvarna added: "Husqvarna is committed to advancing the arborist industry through cutting edge technology, and the power ascender is a part of the ongoing journey to bring state of the art arborist and tree care solutions to the assortment. Making your workday as efficient and enjoyable as possible." 

The power ascender will be available at selected partners for purchase during 2024.