DANFOSS Power Solutions, a global supplier of mobile and industrial hydraulics as well as electric powertrain systems, has launched its H1F fixed displacement bent axis hydraulic motor. Designed for open- and closed-circuit applications, the H1F motor offers "best-in-class efficiency, proven reliability, and a compact design".

The latest development in Danfoss’ high-power H1 series of pumps and motors, the H1F fixed bent axis motor offers overall efficiency of up to 95 per cent. High-efficiency motors deliver fuel savings, improve productivity, and reduce heat generation. Together with its high pressure and speed ratings, the motor enables operators to maximize the performance of their machines.

The new H1F motor builds upon the capabilities of Danfoss’ field-proven H1B variable displacement bent axis motor. The H1F motor uses the same high-quality nine-piston H1B rotating group and optimized single-piece flange, delivering long-lasting reliability. 

The lightweight H1F motor features a power-dense, compact envelope for ease of installation. With its short length and 32-degree angle, the package size is one of the most compact on the market, enabling machine manufacturers to reduce the space claim of the hydraulic system.

“H1F represents the continued evolution of the H1 series, our popular, customer-trusted line of high-power pumps and motors. While this is a new motor for Danfoss, it is leveraging a design that has been on the market for over 10 years with more than 1 million rotating kits in use,” said Kenneth Befus, portfolio manager, Hydrostatics, Danfoss Power Solutions. “In our H1F motor, OEMs and distributors will find high quality, proven technology, market-leading efficiency, and outstanding speed and pressure performance.”

The H1F fixed bent axis motor is designed for closed- and open-circuit applications in agriculture, construction, and forestry machinery. It is ideal for fan drives, feeder drives, drill drives, track drives, winches, and vibration and shaking functions. The motors will be available in SAE, DIN, and cartridge flange styles, with twin, side, and axial port configurations. Integrated loop flushing and speed sensing are options; future additions will include a bolt-on counterbalance valve and load-holding valve for open-circuit applications. The first frame size, 80cc, is now available. Additional sizes will follow, ranging from 60cc to 250cc.

Visit the Danfoss H1F motor webpage to learn more.