MANUFACTURER Ponsse has unveiled the next generation of its digital solution - promising customers "maximum transparency and data".

Ponsse Manager 2.0 brings all its digital offerings to the one platform, giving operators "vital information" at their fingertips under a single log in. 

Providing customers valuable data of machines’ location, productivity figures and fuel consumption, the platform also features a personalised front page, giving users an immediate overview of their business. 

Forestry Journal: Ponsse's Jenni Pulkkinen demonstrated the system during the broadcastPonsse's Jenni Pulkkinen demonstrated the system during the broadcast (Image: Ponsse)

Launched this week during a digital press conference, the system will be available on both desktop and mobile, and is expected to be released in English in Q1 of 2024.

Speaking during the broadcast, Juho Nummela, Ponsse president, said: "Data and digital solutions are a very important part of our future. 

"Ponsse is very close to our customers, and we exist for our customers. 

"Data is enabling transparency and we have been innovating around this area. Manager 2.0 is our solution for data for the future. It is enabling the use of data and transparency for our customers." 

The Ponsse Manager monitors the progress of stands, plans, and manages machine transportation, keeps track of machine outputs according to assortment and prints out measuring certificates. One of the new key features is the possibility to download all reports and, for example, combine them in a spreadsheet with other data to create an overview of your operation.

Forestry Journal: Jude and Rachel Brolly (of Colin Brolly Forestry) were involved in the development of Manager 2.0Jude and Rachel Brolly (of Colin Brolly Forestry) were involved in the development of Manager 2.0 (Image: Supplied)

During the broadcast, several customers were interviewed about Manager 2.0, including Jude and Rachel Brolly of Colin Brolly Forestry in Scotland, who were both involved in the development of the new app. 

"We have seen a massive benefit in using digital tools," Jude said. "If you look back at the old days, you had no information coming in whatsoever, and you relied very much on site and had to get the information from the harvesters yourself. 

"It is nice to have played a small part in shaping Ponsse Manager 2.0."

Listing some of the benefits to the new system, Jude added: "We now know not only what the harvester has cut, but what the forwarder has managed to extract. That's very useful in terms of site performance." 

Rachel added: "Ponsse has listen to our suggestions. One thing we wanted was the on and off button to be taken out. I know merchants like it if we keep the same operator on site, but different circumstances sometimes mean another has to come on.

"If that's the case, merchants like the production reports getting compiled, which we are able to do now." 

A Ponsse statement read: "Today, successful forestry operations require more detailed management than ever before. Luckily, it does not have to be complicated or nerve consuming.

"Modern harvesting generates plenty of data about how much machines produce, how they consume time and fuel, when might be the ideal time to maintain them, and how they should be moved around to keep the production chain going at full speed.

Forestry Journal: Ponsse Manager 2.0 is also available on smartphones Ponsse Manager 2.0 is also available on smartphones (Image: Ponsse)

"By continuously gathering data from your operations, Ponsse Manager 2.0 selects the pieces that are relevant for improved efficiency and better productivity and present them to you in a way that is easy to find, interpret, and utilise." 

Forestry Journal will have an in-depth look at Ponsse Manager 2.0 in March's edition of the magazine and online at a later date.