PROTECTIVE clothing and footwear manufacturer Arbortec has unveiled “revolutionary” new chainsaw trousers, thanks to a “ground-breaking partnership”. 

The firm has joined forces with Realtree to introduce an addition to the Breatheflex Pro range – the first-ever Realtree Chainsaw Trousers.

Boasting the distinctive Realtree EDGE design and available in brown, orange, and Arbortec's unique lime, this collaboration is said to “represent a significant leap in chainsaw pants technology”.

An Arbortec statement read: “These trousers are not just a fashion statement; they represent a fusion of innovation, safety, and style.

Forestry Journal:

“In the realm of workwear, the collaboration between Realtree and Arbortec has birthed a new era with the introduction of the first-ever Realtree Chainsaw Trousers. 

“The availability in three distinctive colours, including the unique Arbortec lime, coupled with design options and adherence to safety standards, makes these trousers a game-changer.” 

Constructed with high-tenacity materials, they offer robust protection while ensuring the flexibility required for easy manoeuvring around job sites and tree canopies.

Loaded with features, the Breatheflex Pro incorporates a breathable fabric for comfort and a six-way stretch concept to reduce fatigue. The crotch stretch panel prevents ripping and facilitates full movement and flexibility in the tree. The reinforced lower leg provides abrasion resistance, safeguarding against daily encounters with trees and debris.

The ventilation zippers on the front protection panel stand out as another crucial feature. Ideal for those warm days, they provide excellent airflow to keep you cool.

Forestry Journal:

The trousers also feature a number of cargo pockets and a waterproof phone pockets to keep your smartphone secure and accessible.

A Realtree statement added: “Arbortec's partnership with Realtree signifies a significant advancement in chainsaw pants technology, with the Realtree EDGE colour options offering a flexible and innovative choice for those working in the field.”