MANUFACTURER Husqvarna has introduced a new "reliable" battery chainsaw for "all-round use". 

The 435i chainsaw is said to offer great cutting performance and replaces the 340i as the "go-to saw" for landowners who need to tend to tasks, such as felling smaller trees, clearing, pruning or cutting firewood.

The chainsaw’s new optimised torque and high chain speed deliver reliable cutting performance equivalent to a 35 cc chainsaw. The low weight and slim design make the chainsaw easy to work with and help ensure ergonomic working conditions.

Martin Knöchel, product specialist at Husqvarna, said: "This is the perfect all-round chainsaw that can be used for everything from pruning to clearing trees, with the chainsaw delivering the best on trees up to 20 cm. 

"The low weight and smart design improves the ergonomics when working on time-consuming and difficult projects." 

Users can operate the chainsaw in all weather conditions, all year round, as it is rain resistant and classified according to the IPX4 system. The battery is also placed horizontally through the product body, which contributes to reducing the risk of dirt and water getting into the battery compartment.

With the user-friendly keypad and digital user interface, users can optimise the product's performance, see the battery status and switch the product on or off, with a simple push of a button.

The 435i chainsaw builds on Husqvarna's flexible 36V battery system Husqvarna BLi-X. This means that when other kinds of tasks call for attention, the 36V battery can be used for your other 36V Husqvarna tools as well, such as grass trimmers, bush trimmers and blowers. The Husqvarna BLi-X system offers battery power for everything from light and demanding homeowner tasks to professional ones.

There is also the Save mode that users can switch on, which will lower the RPM for tasks that do not require full power to help maximize the run time. In addition, the chainsaw automatically shuts down if not used for 180 seconds.

The 435i comes in two different bar sizes, one 14-inch and one 16-inch bar. The 14-inch bar version is available with standard or tool-less chain tensioning, and the 16-inch bar chainsaw is only available with standard chain tensioning.