MANUFACTURER Oregon Tool is this month launching a new chainsaw chain for “precision pruning of small-diameter branches”. 

The 24AP – a ¼-inch pitch low-profile, 1.1 mm chain – features a semi-chisel cutter, which has a rounded cutting surface that allows the chain to stay sharper longer, without sacrificing speed.

Initially launched with six loop lengths, the chain will fit up to 15 Stihl chainsaws, pole saws, and one-handed pruners. According to the brand, the low-profile, narrow-kerf chain provides smooth, clean cuts and maximises efficiency compared with standard ¼-inch pitch chains.

Oregon lists the chain’s benefits as the following: 
• The 24AP chain leverages a low-profile, narrow kerf design to extend run time over standard profile ¼-inch pitch or 3/8-inch low-profile chains.  
• The 24AP – ¼-inch pitch low-profile 1.1mm chain features semi-chisel cutters and bumper drive-links and provides a smooth cut with minimal feed-load, reducing fatigue so that a user can operate with ease. 
• The 24AP’s precision semi-chisel cutters quickly engage in the cut and provide a clean and smooth cut surface, minimising damage to the tree in live-pruning applications.

Forestry Journal: The 24AP is a ¼-inch pitch low-profile, 1.1 mm chain The 24AP is a ¼-inch pitch low-profile, 1.1 mm chain (Image: Supplied)

This new Oregon 24AP chain is now available to customers in Europe, including the UK.