MANUFACTURER ISC Wales has unveiled a new “palm-sized” oval karabiner. 

The KL120 Compact Oval has an effective working length of only 70 mm, making it the ideal option for applications where a short/compact system is advantageous.

Many industrial oval karabiners have an offset shape, in order to bias (offset) the load towards the spine (the strongest part of the karabiner) and achieve additional major axis strength. 

However, the KL120 is a ‘true’ (symmetrical) oval, which is ideal when load centralisation, correct orientation and optimal loading are the top priorities to enable balance in a system.

According to ISC, the KL120 has a strong I-beam spine which blends in to softly rounded, rope-friendly baskets. The gates are fitted with sleek, streamlined barrels, which are designed to reduce play in the barrel and optimise gate-opening ergonomics. 

New CNC-machined grip detail replaces the knurled grip. The grip area has also been extended to improve user grip throughout the opening sequence of the gate.