CLEANER, greener and lower maintenance costs. Those were the main reasons Greg Tucker of GT Trees made the switch to Aspen Fuel and, five years on, he’s still shouting about these benefits and many others he’s found using the alkylate fuel in his independent gardening and landscaping business.

In an era when many professionals may feel the pressure to invest in electric tools, Greg cited how he and his customers value that Aspen improves conditions for people and the planet while reducing the amount of functional equipment resigned to the shed or scrapyard. 

Greg has worked within the arb sector for 18 years, recently changing direction towards more artistic projects – hedge work, topiary, shrubs and small tree reduction. For this, he relies on the performance of his fleet of hand tools – mostly powered by Aspen 2-stroke alkylate petrol. 

He said: “My journey into using Aspen is pretty common. I’d heard of it, gave it a try and I’ve been using it ever since. My maintenance costs have reduced, and from the operator perspective, the headaches, congestion and other health implications typically associated with being in close proximity to petrol-powered equipment has been all but eliminated.

“Like most, I have explored electric tools but found they just didn’t cut it – literally. Battery life was not practical and, ultimately, the kit we already have does exactly the job we need it to. Through using Aspen, we can do our bit to be kinder to ourselves and the environment, and not be throwing away serviceable equipment.”