ARBORISTS don’t need to worry about aching arms and strained backs when using heavy equipment and tools, thanks to a new harness. 

Henchman has introduced a revamped lifting harness to keep tree-care professionals safe and comfortable while working.

Designed with precision engineering, the Henchman harness takes up to 100 per cent of the weight of heavy tools to dramatically reduce back strain, arm fatigue, and repetitive strain injury, while retaining better posture.

The lightweight harness features a rotating overhead boom arm and carabiner, which can be easily attached to most handheld equipment, such as pole saws, hedge cutters, grass trimmers, and blowers.

Made from durable, rust-resistant cast aluminium, the handy piece of kit takes weights up to 9 kg, allowing users to work comfortably for extended periods of time.

The Henchman harness has already been recognised for its outstanding design, having recently been hailed as best product in the “outdoor equipment” category at the European Product Design Awards and the prestigious iF Design Awards.

Created with wearability and usability front of mind, the harness is lightweight, easy to assemble and is worn like a backpack, allowing for a full range of motion, greater precision and improved control, while using less energy.

Forestry Journal: The handy piece of kit takes weights up to 9 kgThe handy piece of kit takes weights up to 9 kg (Image: Supplied)

Tom Kitching, CEO of Henchman, said: “At Henchman, we’re dedicated to helping our customers get their gardening jobs done safely and comfortably. The Easy Lift Harness has been a popular product for many years, helping to reduce the aches and pains that many gardeners will have undoubtedly suffered when carrying out common tasks.”