A NEW feature is now available on the Green Line Arb platform to improve site safety. 

The Emergency Action Plan (EAP) Generator provides professionals in the field with a comprehensive tool to effectively plan for and respond to emergency situations.

Developed alongside training provider MediArb, EAP is tailored specifically to the unique challenges and requirements of people working in arboriculture.

Its features include: 
• Exact location
◦ Address
◦ What 3 Word
◦ 10 figure grid reference
• Nearest services
◦ Identify the nearest hospital and defibrillator
• Site Details
◦ Screenshot map
◦ Environment information
• Rescue Details
◦ Select and state rescue plan

Forestry Journal:

Nick Wilson, founder of Green Line Arb, said: “We know the pressures and stresses around running a worksite and often safety can be  neglected as a low priority when time is money, the customer is demanding or the equipment needs attention. 

"But the one thing I guarantee you all value more than money, reputation and maintenance, is your health. So why is it that in one of the most dangerous jobs in the world, the possibility of an accident is pushed to the back of our minds? 

"We just don’t want to dwell on the fact that you or your team could be seriously injured in a split second. Ignorance is bliss right?

"However most of us can tell horror stories of things that have happened on sites to people we know, it's very close to home. Which means accidents aren’t as rare as we like to tell ourselves, they happen every day. So what's harder, taking the time to plan for it or wishing you had done when it's too late?”

You can download the Green Line Arb app today and check the new feature out. Search Greenline ARB in both the App Store and the Play Store.