WITH this year's ARB Show cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Arboricultural Association will now host a virtual event in its place.

Taking place between 15-17 May, the Virtual ARB Show intends to fill the void, giving exhibitors and attendees the chance to experience the event, albeit from their own homes.

A statement from the Arboricultural Association, announcing the Virual ARB Show, said: "As the Arboricultural Association had to cancel the ARB Show due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we wanted to show our support and thanks to exhibitors that have helped grow the event over the years, and give everyone who loves the ARB Show a chance to enjoy an interactive ‘virtual’ show to fill the void.

"We’ve created a virtual showground for you to fill and we’d love it if you can join us ‘virtually’.

"All we need is for you to fill out the Virtual ARB Show web form below, add any links to content, offers, photos or videos you’d like to include on your page, and we’ll build it for you."

So, how will the event work? The Arboricultural Association said: "Virtual ARB Show visitors will land on an interactive showground map, where they’ll be able to search exhibitors by name and category, as well as enjoy some online versions of ARB Show favourites like the Arborists Workshop talks.

"We’ll also provide you with a Social Media Toolkit including graphics to help you join the Virtual ARB Show marketing campaign and get as many people visiting your virtual stand as possible. We are only inviting those who exhibited in 2019 or booked for 2020 to take part."

The deadline to sign up for the Virtual ARB Show is 5 May - you can sign up as an exhibitor here.

For further information, please contact Steve Hodsman at stephen@trees.org.uk or call 07917413308.

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