PLATFORM mounting manufacturer Klubb has created an anti-viral partition which can divide a cab being shared by workers.

The thick, polycarbonate partition effectively separates workers who need to share a cab while working or travelling. It is constructed from abrasion-resistant, scratch-resistant polycarbonate, conforming to ECE R43 standards.

Klubb said the screen was the 'ideal solution' to protect workers in the event of overcrowding in the passanger compartment of a utility van.

According to the manufacturer, the screen can be mounted within 10 minutes on the Renault Master van, Peugeot Boxer, Citroën Jumper, and Mercedes Sprinter, and will be ready for other brands soon.

The kit includes screws and fixing lugs. A drill is required for attachment to a rear sheet metal partition behind the seats.

Once the kit is in place, the middle space is neutralised, leaving two spaces left on the bench.

Klubb has also produced a portable handwashing kit to ensure regular antibacterial washing takes place amongst workers. The kit fits into the back of vans and other vehicles and comes with soap and sanitiser dispensers, as well as a jerrycan for water.

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