SILVICULTURE company Tomorrow’s Forests has launched a new forest-creation project, giving the public the chance to work together to create UK forests, fight climate change and ‘Build Back Better’ after COVID-19.

Its first site is close to its headquarters in Dorset, on the Somerset Levels, which before being used for agriculture was wet woodland, home to a rare mix of tree, plant, and wildlife species. It’s their mission to restore the land to its former glory, planting native trees, building homes for birds, and creating wildflower meadows.

The COVID-19 pandemic this year meant that more than half the world’s population had some form of lockdown imposed upon them, with a dramatic impact on air pollution. Despite C02 levels rebounding quickly, the UK public has been putting pressure on the government to ‘Build Back Better’.

Dr Simone Webber, senior ecology editor at Tomorrow’s Forests, said: “It’s important that we look after the land around us. There are so many forest-creation projects overseas, but the global lockdowns have alerted us to the importance of looking after our immediate environment.”

Nick Hollingworth, managing director, said: “We have made it possible for individuals and businesses to plant their own trees in the UK every month. After this crazy year, the public are demanding more ways to do their bit for the planet, so this is a great option for them to get involved.”

Tomorrow’s Forests has planted eight million trees over the past six years. With many habitats already established around the UK, and another already in the pipeline, they have great plans to plant millions more.

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